ECHO – Emergency Call Handling Operations System

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ECHO – Emergency Call Handling Operations System

Alarm system activations have always been handled by dedicated Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) where any alert is managed. The alarm signal needs to be assessed by an operator and if genuine the police will need to be alerted. This always leaves room for human error or unnecessary delay even though every second counts when there is an emergency which could be a Fire alarm or an Intruder alarm which is activated. There is also the issue of false alarms which always cost time and resources.

ECHO is a new Electronic Call Handling Operations service which has become available in 2021. It is a fully automated system designed to cut response time of the police to alarm activations. ECHO is a non-profit company especially formed to facilitate collaboration between the police and the private sector. ECHO provides a fully automated electronic alarm transmission service. This response is activated by ECHO connected alarm systems and ECHO connected police services. During 2021 ECHO will be available from all UK police services.

ECHO is a security industry backed platform

The FSA (Fire and Security Association) and other organisations in the security industry have played a key role in the introduction of ECHO to prevent delays and call outs to false alarms. ECHO is a ground breaking technology to make delays in response a thing of the past.

Back in 2017 the FSA, the British Security Industry Association and the Fire Industry Association joined forces to create a non profit organisation named ECHO.  The sole purpose of this organisation was to modernise alarm call handling and meet the needs of the police, industry, private sector and the public.

ECHO connected police forces will receive automated alerts from so called Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) direct to their call centres via the ECHO hub. The automated system prevents and avoids risk of miscommunication between humans. dealing with the alarm activation. Research has shown ECHO will save up to four minutes of response time which can be critical in case of an emergency.

The ECHO project is also approved and supported by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) to provide you with peace of mind. NSI has also played a key role in the development of ECHO.

ECHO - Emergency Call Handling Operations System

ECHO development in the near future

More and more police forces are adopting the ECHO system and the expectations are most Police Forces and ARCs will be prepared to accept electronic alarm submissions and will get ECHO connected by the end of 2021.

ECHO also aims to partner with other blue light services to increase efficient use of emergency services.

Davies Security and ECHO supported alarm systems

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