Remote security management

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Remote security management

Before affordable electronic security became widely available, many companies relied on a combination of physical security like locks, gates and security guards. The available technology was limited and expensive. Remote security management now gives you a tailor made solution for your business.

Like remote working remote security has developed a great deal over the last few years. Home working was previously only for the selected few but is now available for more and more people. Like home working, remote security is more and more available and is a great option for many businesses. Not only is remote security more efficient but also cheaper than conventional security like on premises security staff.

Remote security management

What is remote security management?

Remote security management is a professional technique that combines state-of-the-art technology with around-the-clock service to deal with any security breach. Remote security management is a very cost effective way to secure your business. You can assure your business is safe all day and all year without the need of on premises security guards.

A video camera with added intelligent video analysis software is the main component of the service. A web connection transfers footages from the client’s cameras to remote screens located at a security centre. If any suspicious events are detected the security centre is alerted and will take appropriate action. An operator will handle received video alarms alerts and evaluate what is happening on-site using live CCTV footage. If a crime is taking place the police will be contacted to give you peace of mind.

Remote security management can be extended with other security services for your business such as intruder alarm, normal CCTV system, fire alarm and access control systems.

Davies Security Services – Remote Security Management

At Davies Security we can set your business up with a high quality and reliable remote security management system. Remote security management will come at a much lower cost than on premises security staff. Secure your premises for your peace of mind and contact us today or call us on 01792 464 777.

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