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Protect your business from burglary

You work hard for your business. A burglary can be extremely disrupting or even damaging for your organisation. It doesn’t matter if you have a shop or an office your business can suffer a severe hit when you are being burgled. In this blog we will describe the consequences of a burglary but also how you can prevent being the victim of burglary.

Consequences of a burglary for your business

Your business is aiming for customer service and a have a supply to sell. After intruders have raided your premises you will have to sort the mess they have made. This will affect customer service. Also, when your stock has been completely or partly stolen you do not have anything to sell.

Of course, you are insured and the stock is covered but the disruption will cost you time and money. Not only will it be more difficult to reach your turnover targets but also valuable time is spent recovering from the burglary.

More than 10% of retailers have been a victim of burglary one or more times a year. On average, it only takes three to four minutes for the burglars to make their escape with your property.

That is why it is so important to protect your business premises against burglary and intruders.

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Protect your business from burglary

Be proactive to prevent burglary

Of course, you need good locks and shutters to protect your premises. However, no lock is unbreakable and can be compromised. The better the lock though the more of a deterrent for the criminals.

Also make sure that windows and doors are locked and not left open. It sounds obvious but it happens more often than you think that a window or door forgotten and left open.

In addition to quality locks and your personal security awareness the installation of a good security system is vital. At Davies Security we provide a range of quality security systems. Davies Security also hold prestigious NSI Gold accreditation from the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) to ensure a high quality of working standards. We provide the installation and maintenance of quality reliable burglar and intruder alarms. Our intruder alarms will keep your premises safe and protect your valuables.

For additional prevention, it is advisable to install a high quality CCTV system. Here at Davies Security we have a range of high quality and high resolution CCTV systems to keep your business safe and secure.

Prevent the disruption of a burglary and contact us today. Feel free to call us today on 01792 464777 to discuss your security requirements.


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